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First things first: how do you get a name as cool as Sony Ericsson President's Urban Gillstrom, short of starring in your own 2D Japanese fighting game? All I've got is this alliterative one that makes me sound like heading up the male cheer squad. Anyway, Sony Ericsson prez isn't the only bit of cool coming out of the phone manufacturer, according to Matt Maier (aka GigaOm Mini). He grabbed a S710a right out of SE's booth at CES and has been playing with it for several days and is just beaming. It's not just the feature set, either (although the S710a is no slouch), but the fabled 'integration' of all the features. Sony Ericsson's been sort of aimless for a while—maybe this will be their next T610.

New Definition of Cool, Sony Ericsson S710a [GigaOm]