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I'm certainly a big fan of Apple's iTunes software, but I have almost completely stopped buying music from iTunes. I'm in the minority—with 230 million iTunes downloads since the stores have opened, it's clear most people just don't care about the crippling effects of DRM. So to the news that the version of iTunes (4.7.1) that came down with the announcement of the iPod Shuffle disables songs purchased from Real's Harmony store or stripped with Hymn I say: whatever. But maybe we should start a new meme that is more realistic than "all DRM is bad."

Maybe we should say "DRM makes data less valuable." When someone else dictates the use of data I've purchased, it's not evil or good—it's something I, as an end-user of a certain product, have agreed to. But when I can buy music from AllOfMP3 with no DRM for roughly one-tenth the price I can purchase it on iTunes or purchase a CD for roughly the exact same price as iTunes, I will do so, because both of those are more valuable to me. Surely I'm not the first to say so.

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