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Okay, TiVo is dead. Go over to eHomeUpgrade and read Thomas Hawk's excellent round up of first impressions of the slow-to-arrive, slow-to-please TiVoToGo service. TiVo, already back on their heels, had one shot at finding secure footing in this portable media market, and that was to drop the DRM hassles (or at least make them transparent) and provide something far and away better than Windows Media Center. They have failed.

Coupled with the Comcast screw-up and I think it's pretty much over for the company. They broke the PVR space wide open (at least feature-wise), but it's been years since any real innovation. It's like they got confused over this whole DRM/consumer convenience tug-o-war and ended up making even the wrong decisions slowly.


Poor First Impressions for TiVoToGo [eHomeUpgrade]