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Ah, I love these lazy Sunday mornings. With the appearance of a Jetsons-esque breadbox, the palindromic Sonos Digital Music System is finally shipping, according to Om. The general look of the controller and the system itself is 100% Apple, with Sonos making the bold (also, brilliant) move to include a jogwheel on its wireless controllers—no doubt evincing a moth-to-flame effect from iPod owners everywhere. The system allows music (MP3, WMA, AAC (MPEG4) and WAV) to be distributed from a central server to any room (with a ZonePlayer installed) in your house—each ZonePlayer requires its own speakers, but can operate independent from the rest or in unison, allowing you to enjoy your morning constitutional through the house with a synchronized musical accompaniment.

An intro bundle with one controller and two ZonePlayers is $1,200.

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