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My Bluespoon AX Bluetooth headset is great, except for one thing: the blinking blue light that's always on. I could maybe understand shining a light when you're on a call—that's an easy way to tell people you're too good to talk to them—but the AX flashes every 8 seconds or so, just to let you know it's paired and working. Since half the appeal of the AX is that it's inconspicuous, the flash is embarrassing, at best.

The quick and easy fix after the jump.

Sometimes you need to see the LED, to know that you've got it paired up or are in discovery mode (when it flashes blue and red), so I compromised. I popped off the cover with a jeweler's screwdriver (three clips: on in front, and one each behind the volume buttons) and put a thin piece of electrical tape on the underside of the button, butting right up to the post that holds it in place. That allows just enough light to come through that I can see it when I'm looking for it, without obnoxiously drawing attention to it when I'm trying to do something else.


Be careful when you open up the top cover, though. The side buttons will want to fly out into your dog's mouth—the same place my first AX met its final doom.