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It was the hack heard 'round Hollywood [NSFW Pics]. While T-Mobile stutters to smooth over potential security holes that would scare a Tijuana plastic surgeon back to drywall contracting, we took checked in with Lindsay at NYC Peach to get an update on the Privacy Threat Level of Hollywood's B-level best.

Oh, and we got this picture showing one of Paris's many now-compromised Sidekick IIs. Each jewel represents a star who now regrets ever giving her their number.


Gizmodo: so has celeb called you freaking out yet?
Lindsay: nope not yet
Gizmodo: it was crazy how many people in paris's phone book used sidekicks
Gizmodo: has t-mobile been giving them away to celebs?
Lindsay: I don't know for sure, I can't answer for t-mo
Lindsay: but i do know sk's are huge with celebs
Gizmodo: how'd that happen? did they see the first ones and just jump on the bandwagon?
Lindsay: i think its just a matter of celes wanting to be on the front of a trend-it's a really cool piece for them bc of the phone/email/text capabilities
Gizmodo: who is the most unexpected celeb you've jeweled up so far?
Lindsay: hmmm....that's a tough one
Lindsay: I would say......
Lindsay: actually no one that surprising
Lindsay: all the ones we've done are for a pretty showy and fashionable bunch
Lindsay: ppl you'd expect
Gizmodo: so the rumors of dom deluise getting a crystal-crusted sidekick are probably not true?
Lindsay: LOL-I wish!
Gizmodo: are you worried there's going to be a sidekick scare now from celebs?
Gizmodo: that you'll have to move onto jeweled treos
Lindsay: no I don't think so....SK's are uber popular and I dont think this will change the demand and use of them. Although, we already do treos, they are definitely not as popular as SK's
Gizmodo: well, hopefully they'll still keep taking hot pics and then getting them published on the web
Gizmodo: everybody wins
Lindsay: lol-thats one way to look at it
Gizmodo: oh, also, hilton's sidekick is NYC peach or not?
Lindsay: paris's was a one of a kind sk we did for her
Gizmodo: we're riding this story so hard it's not even funny
Gizmodo: it's like a class 5 gawker alert
Lindsay: yeah the pres of our company was in there so its been big news around here too
Lindsay: her contact info-no pics
Gizmodo: haha
Gizmodo: please send lesbian pics of your employees, as well
Lindsay: take a number

Bonus Link: "Paris Made Me Change My Number" T-Shirt [PreShrunk]

This image was lost some time after publication.