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Siemens flagship model launch at CeBIT is the SXG75, a 2-megapixel cameraphone with built-in GPS, as well as FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a second VGA camera for videoconferencing. The 240 by 320 pixel display is 262k colors, and built-in memory starts at 128MB, expandable via RS MultiMediaCards. It's a candybar model, too, available in metallic white. Its feature-set is only middle of the road, but I would expect good things from built-in GPS, however. I wish that were standard on all phones these days—so do the carriers, who can use GPS to sell lots of services. This model was showing off a demo of the GPS mapping software.

Siemens is also showing off an A-GPS software that can be installed on most of their mobiles, adding GPS-like service that uses cell phone tower information to approximate location.


Update: Also, this is Siemens' first 3G phone. Not that such a detail is important.

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