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For the discriminating musician who considers himself above music-by-worm, there is now a more sanitary and colorful approach available. AudioCubes, created by Bert Schiettecatte, are smart blocks that can emit light and process sound in real-time, based on their relative location to each other. A signal processing network is created and altered by moving the blocks around, allowing a musician to interact with his tunes in a more physical manner. Each cube is programmed and recharged via USB. Bert talks a little bit about expansion possibilities:

To give the performer even more control over the algorithm running on the DSP, different sensors could be added, such as an orientation sensor, shock sensor, position sensor, etc.


Right now, they determine output using iR and levels of received light. The project page is an interesting read and includes video and audio samples.

Project Page [StanfordEDU via WMMNA]