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For the incredibly privacy-conscious (or those with something to hide), the TagZapper by West End Laboratories is a handheld device to wipe RFID transmitting devices. I'll be completely honest and simply say that I can't wait for the day when I just push my cart through a scanner, select my payment method and go, instead of waiting for a 15-year old girl to try all six sides of my Honey Bunches of Oats (with Almonds) before finally realizing that the UPC is always on the bottom. The concern with RFID is that anyone with a reader will be able to decode the information on the tags, so potentially, people could camp outside your house and determine what brand of soap you're using. Either way, I hope they figure out a way to effectively ban these devices from my grocery store so I don't have to worry about RFID terrorists running amok and screwing up my next purchase. The TagZapper should be available probably about the time it becomes relevant. In the same vein, there's a similar device called the RFIDwasher which allows you to both detect and "wash" ("cleanse", "purge", etc.) any offensive RFID tags as you see fit.

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