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Well just leave it to everyone's favorite DVR company to wait until the 11th hour to find a way to resurrect themselves. TiVo and Comcast today announced a strategic partnership wherein TiVo will develop new software to be integrated into Comcast's existing DVR platform. TiVo's vice chairman toyed a bit with grand understatements:

It is very important that TiVo has found a way to work with the nation's largest cable operator on a cooperative basis to develop a state-of-the-art TiVo Service, fully integrated with a cable set-top box, that will make TiVo available to millions of cable viewers.

As a TiVo subscriber and one of those loyal fans you hear so much about (or from, rather), I didn't want to believe the reports about TiVo's forthcoming demise. Rather, I grabbed onto whatever thread of sunshine I could, praying TiVo wouldn't fall asunder. Just like an old-time Nintendo fan, (which I also am) my blind loyalty has paid off, at least for now, and TiVo will live to see another day. Besides, I actually enjoy using TivoToGo.

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