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Sajeeth Cherian has developed a new application called PSP Video 9, allowing simple conversion and management of your video files into PSP's format. Combined with Videora, his simple BitTorrent software, the package will comb your RSS feeds for your favorite "PSPcasts", download them over BitTorrent, convert them to PSP-playable format and upload them to your docked PSP, all without any intervention on your part.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could automatically download, convert and copy ... videos to your PSP for later playback? Well now you can.

Cherian's deemed this "PSPcasting" and it could very well catch on in the blogging world and beyond, as a way to carry along newscasts, TV episodes and the like. PSP Video 9 is freeware and Videora 1.0 sells for $23.


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