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I had thought, perhaps, that the TiVo users were getting a bit worked up over the TiVo pop-up ads that are in testing, because last I heard they only take up a quarter of the screen. Matt Haughey took this found this picture of it in action, though, and now I get the ire. That's really annoying, even if it is only when fast-forwarding. How are you supposed to see what you're forwarding through? Even if you can hit 'clear' to make it go away, it's still needlessly messy. Matt has a mock-up of what he'd like to see on PVRBlog and it's much more reasonable.

Maybe that's TiVo's tack—make the first versions so over-the-top that by the time the intro the real deal, everyone will have forgotten how frustrating it is to get pop-up ads on a subscription service in the first place.

"Icon" ads over commercials at TiVo [PVRBlog]