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Since the word of the day seems to be penis stretching, we thought we'd give it the ol' college dropout tug ourselves. Mike Salvini of Matters Of offers the 'Power Assist,' a solid wooden tool designed to help you meet your maximum penis stretching potential. For just $50, you too can have your own one-piece ash Power Assist to perform stretches like the "Base Twist," the "Bow and Arrow," and the "Tunica Fulcrum." If you follow the hyperlink, you can even watch some videos of the sponge-tearing moves in action, as well as some drawings of a man pulling his penis that look like the worst vector graphics game Prodigy* never got around to making.

I think they missed a real branding opportunity here as the 'Boner Honer.' (Thanks, Andrew!)

Product Page [NSFW] [MattersOfSize]