There's no shortage of gift ideas for kids when the holidays roll around, but what if you've got a couple of adults on your Christmas shopping list who still have an affinity for toys? They've probably outgrown a stocking full of Hot Wheels vehicles, so here are some more grown-up suggestions for adults who never actually grew up.

Razor Crazy Cart XL


It turns out that all those movie chase scenes were right, recklessly driving your car at breakneck speeds and drifting around corners is incredibly fun. Except you probably don't want to risk destroying the family sedan in the process.

So for adults who've dreamed of being both too fast and too furious, Razor has created an adult version of its drift-friendly electric ride-on called the Crazy Cart XL. Reinforced and beefed-up to support riders up to 300 pounds in weight, the Crazy Cart XL can hit a top speed of 17mph and can slide around corners like its wheels were made of butter. (They're not.) $800 [Toys"R"Us]

Scalextric RCS App-Connected Slot Cars


Despite there being endless racing apps and video games that almost perfectly simulate the experience of tearing around a track, there's still something appealing about racing a pair of slot cars head-to-head. And Scalextric has finally brought a modern touch to slot car racing with its RCS—or Race Control System—that connects to a mobile app to keeps track of race stats but also simulate damage by slowing cars, and bringing every vehicle to a crawl when one inevitably flies off the track. $160 [Scalextric]

Transformers Generations Leader Class Jetfire


If you grew up playing with the original run of Transformers you already know why it's so awesome that Hasbro has released a new version of Jetfire. But if you didn't, the Generations Leader Class Jetfire is also one of the most detailed Transformers the company has released in years, with a fantastic robot mode, and an even better fighter plane alter ego. It's a must-have for anyone who dreamed of owning the figure as a kid, and now has the means to make their collection complete. $45 [Hasbro]

Marvel-Themed Sleeping Bag Suits


If you miss the Spiderman-themed bed sheets you grew up with as a kid, the makers of the Selk'bag wearable sleeping bags now have a more suitable alternative for adults. The company's released a collection of four Marvel-themed sleeping bags that make you look like Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, or America's favorite web-slinger.

They're also a less-awkward way to stay warm while you're camping because you can actually get up and walk around while wearing the sleeping bag suits. Chilly mornings out in the wilderness are a lot easier to face when you don't actually have to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag to get a cup of coffee. $150 [Selk'bags]

Hot Wheels Street Hawk


You can spend thousands of dollars on a detailed remote control plane or helicopter, and then completely wipe out your investment after a devastating crash. So if you want to dabble in RC flight on the cheaper side, and find quadcopters to be slow and boring, the Hot Wheels Street Hawk is worth every penny.

It's designed to be driven on the ground like an RC car, but with the flick of a switch it can take to the air and is almost as easy to pilot. But even if you do crash it—and you will- it's made from lightweight foam that can survive almost endless wear and tear which means that just moments after a crash you'll be airborne again. $60 [Hot Wheels]

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Lego is one of the few toys that spans generations, and through the hard work and devotion of countless adult fans and builders, it's generally considered to be an OK pastime for grown-ups. So much so that Lego has actually started putting creations made by older Lego fans into production, like Brent Waller's perfectly-detailed Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.

It even comes with minifig versions of Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, which by itself is more than enough to justify the cost of the entire set. $60 [Lego]

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Thunderbow Blaster


In recent years Nerf has come up with some impressive battery-powered blasters, but anyone who grew up with an arsenal of dart guns probably has a soft spot for the simpler manual versions. Not only does the Elite Mega Thunderblow Blaster harken back to Nerf's original bow and arrow, it's actually one of the most impressively powerful weapons in its current lineup. The satisfying firing mechanism which has you pulling back and releasing an actual string will also help realize your Robin Hood fantasies... Ok, fine, Katniss. $40 [Hasbro]

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale DeLorean


It's one of the most recognizable props in movie history (and also one of the biggest flops in automotive history) but the time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy can finally be yours. You'll have to be ok with this version being only one-sixth the size of the actual movie car, but that also makes it a lot more affordable. And since it doesn't really travel through time, imagine the money you'll save on plutonium. $690 [Sideshow Collectibles]

Jenga Giant


Actually winning a game of Jenga requires a steady hand so as not to send the tower crashing to the table, but deep down everyone playing is excitedly waiting for that exact moment. And this three-foot high version of the game, appropriately called Jenga Giant, makes that inevitable crash even more impressive and emphatic. The gameplay is exactly the same, but there's 16 pounds of wooden blocks here just waiting to succumb to the pull of gravity. $130 [Jenga]

1969 Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Slot Car Track


If you've been very good this year, or just like being very good to yourself, maybe Santa will leave this stunning slot car track built into an actual 1969 Camaro Z28 under your tree—or more likely in your garage. Modeled after the actual Watkins Glen International raceway, the course features banked corners, tiny grandstands, and even LED lighting. It also comes with twelve tiny cars to control, which almost helps justify the track's price tag that could also buy you a couple of real cars to race. $85,000 [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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