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Direct from Sweden, Parans shows off their Skyport system: light-collecting panels which you install on your roof, allowing them to feed a remote part of your house with the purest of natural light. The Skyport system uses SunWire—"light transporting cable" (read: fiber optics)—to bring sunlight to its connected "luminaries". Bj rks, as they're called, are specially designed to generate a light output of up to 4,000 lux, presumably on a clear day. The SunWire allows for you to distribute sunlight up to three stories down into a building and the Bj rks come in three different shapes, letting you maximize light output for a particular room's layout. Pricing and availability are heretofore a mystery, so you'll have to wait for now.

(Update: Marcus Fransson from Parans was kind enough to share the price list with me. A SkyPort unit costs roughly $4,500 (less shipping) which includes 15 feet of SunWire. A large Bj rk comes in at around $1,200 and a small one is $420. They ship directly from Sweden, and they're available now.)

Product Page [Parans via MoCoLoco]