createdigitalmusic's Peter Kirn has been out musical cool-hunting again. Here's his latest report: Who says you can't fill your home with lots of music gear and look good doing it? If you've got two turntables and a very large wad of dough, you can dock your decks in style with one of two space-age turntable tables. DUAL Furniture's floating coffins are suspended to avoid rumble, though you're more likely to put them in your home because they look cool. You should be able to mount it properly for stability, but if you want your decks more grounded, the alien-pod DJ Kreemy Table (street just under $3000) was good enough for a Queer Eye episode. Both of these are designed for vinyl turntables, of course—leave the iPods at home [Or at least on a different table! -Ed.]. Thanks to Max and Wally for the tips.

A picture of the super-slick DJ Kreemy table after the jump.

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