One of our pastimes is watching mobile phone carriers shoot themselves in the foot, sending bullets through the hobnailed jackboots pressing down on the skulls of their customers. The latest kvetching is about DRM standards that will protect slutty users from spreading their downloaded data with other users (or backing it up, or moving it to another device, etc.). There's lots of yapping about why that we'll leave to, but here's the time frame you, as a mobile user, have to look forward to:

Nevertheless, the OMA copy-protection standards will need considerable additional work over the next months and years if they are to support the ambitious features that content companies require, some analysts say.

Granted, those are analysts saying this, not the companies, but I think we can infer that the end result is that the United States is going to enjoy a few more years of being the richest capitalist society in the world that refuses to sell customers what they want—cheap, easy, valuable downloads.

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