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As if the previous post didn't give it away, Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows Mobile 5.0, formerly known as Windows Mobile 2005, or 'Magneto.' The impact of the operating system upgrade will become more known with time, as all the Windows Mobile folks get a chance to really probe into its abilities, but the new features sound nice all the same, including upgraded network support in preparation of 3G smartphones, a more streamlined one-handed operation, persistent memory storage (like already seen in the latest devices from PalmOne, the memory will remain intact even when it loses power), as well as an upgraded Mobile Office suite.

USB 2.0 will be better supported, as well, including the ability for Windows Mobile 2005 devices to act as USB Hosts, enabling you to plug in external hard drives and the like. I'm really excited about the next generation of Windows Mobile devices—I'm expecting good things.


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