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While waiting in line for a remarkably overpriced cheeseburger in the Compass Cafe, I spoke to a rep from Logitech. They mentioned that Logitech will be releasing a new mouse for gamers, along with an updated keyboard set. The mouse will be wireless and laser-based (think MX 1000), and will allow you to ratchet its sensitivity on the fly, like you can do with the corded MX 518.

This could be helpful, along with their standard resolution-shifting system, in balancing battery life with accuracy for those times when you really need it. The new mouse will also rather curiously include a swappable lithium ion battery, in case, I suppose, you've used your mouse for 24 hours straight without placing it in its cradle.


Other improvements include bug fixes for their driver sets and some top secret gamer-based improvements to their wireless keyboards (they wouldn't give me details). The suspense is rather tormenting. [C.C.]