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This must be some sort of epidemic. Maybe people's bladders are thawing out after winter or something. Anyway, we received three distinct toilet tips in the past 48 hours and we thought it best to post them all together, thereby avoiding a run of three toilet posts in close succession (The Three-Eyed Mermaid they call that, and it's taken many good bloggers down to Davy Jones' Sump, arr.)

We begin with a submission by Jeremey, a nanotech crapper. [ExtremeNano]

Then we move on to a delightful In-Car Dingo Hole. [BBC]

And end with an entire museum dedicated to the preservation of historical rumpus bowls. Please note the words "Feed Room" over a picture of a number of old-timey chamber pots. It appears the folks in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel-Hill area don't eat lunch the way we do. [NBC]

Update: Bonus john! The BumperDumper.