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Knowing exactly how the young mind of a hormone-crazed male thinks, I'm inclined to make note of the Forget-Me-Not panties, in case I ever have a daughter of my own. "Retailing" for just $100 per, these fictional undergarments will quietly transmit your daughter's, significant other's or confused son's location, heart rate and temperature to whatever PDA you happen to be using from the bushes. Either way, the web site is an intriguing look at what will assuredly become a very real implementation of existing technology someday, including a few humorous "testimonials":

They work wonderfully. My wife and I bought our Sarah several pairs so we can watch her around the clock, and if we see her temperature rising too high, we intervene by calling her cellphone or just picking her up wherever she is. My only comment is it would be great to have a video camera, maybe you can work that into V.2.

Forget-Me-Not Panties [ContagiousMedia via GearLive]