I know I'm harping on this, but I will soon be vindicated, fear not, you VNC-loving freaks.

Reader Dennis, among others, sent me a torrent file that appears to be legit. My assistant, Nhoj Sggib, who lives in Sweden where torrents are very legal, is downloading it for educational purposes only and we shall soon see who will laugh last.

As Alex writes:

Regarding your "MacinDell" story. What's wrong with these doubters? Don't they realize that MacOS is essentially NeXTstep (even many of the icons and applications are identical) and that NeXTstep was running on Intel chips (not to mention Sparc, Alpha and a number of other processors of the time) way back in the 486 days?

It's not only not shocking to think that MacOSX runs on Intel hardware but in fact it's a bloody no-brainer. The technical aspects are yawn yawn news. The real news is that with the announcement of the use of Intel chips in some systems they've officially let the cat out of the bag and one has to wonder will the MacOS become a truly hardware independent OS the way any modern OS should be and, if so, what does that mean for the computer hardware business in general. We all know that Apple makes the best consumer grade desktop hardware and will continue to make the best hardware of that type, only now with vastly greater options since they aren't tied to the PowerPC architecture any more.

Off with the debunk-y and on with the funky. Let's get to talking about what other hardware one might see the MacOS running on. How about a 128 CPU Sun Primepower 2500 running OSX? How about MacOSX running in distributed processing mode on a rack full of IBM/Intel blade servers? It's all already in there. Has been for years.

Woo, I can almost see the future from here. Of course, I'm in Tokyo looking out over the Shinjuku skyline but, well, you know what I mean.