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Zalman has officially announced its Reserator 1 Plus passive water cooling system, a hulking black upgrade to the blue model first released over a year ago. The new model includes new CPU and GPU cooler designs as well as providing an anti-corrosive water additive in the box. I hope they changed the internal pump they used on the previous model, as I discovered the 1 Plus while searching for solutions to quiet the clattering propeller in the original Reserator sitting on my desk.

Since Zalman's website doesn't really have good information on the Plus 1, have a look at this pre-production model "review" on Hexus (really more of a 'we saw this thing at a show'). The release model isn't blue, but black, and will cost $300. Despite the noise problems I'm having with my current one, I sort of want to upgrade, but only because that would be a convenient excuse to build a whole new gaming rig.

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