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Gigabyte's GV-3D1 is a neat graphics card: it stuffs two Nvidia 6600GT cores onto one card and stitches them together in SLI, without any fussy wires or dual slots. That's the good part.

The bad part is that Gigabyte has made the boneheaded decision to only bundle the 3D1 with a motherboard, which also boneheadedly happens to be the only motherboard that the 3D1 can run on. That might be a technical limitation, but with no promise from Gigabyte that the 3D1 will work with any future motherboards and a price premium that puts the bundle at around $100 more than buying two 6600GTs and a motherboard from Newegg, it seems mostly like a nifty bit of engineering that isn't worth actually spending money on.

Two 6600GT s in One: Gigabyte s 3D1 [Sudhian]