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We're pretty good at this free market stuff—I go to the bodega, I buy a loosie, I go home. Everybody's happy. However, what if I want some hawt Japanese phone or a rare sex robot from Moscow. What to do?

Reader James sent us a link to a new venture he's attempting which seems like a pretty good idea. It's a marketplace for buyers and sellers of rare and hard-to-find tech. You post a request—one Russian sex robot with removable tractor, for example. A fellow in Moscow buys it for you, you put the money in escrow and release it when you receive the gear. I know you're thinking "Scam city" but Ebay ain't much better. Let's see how this works out.


Product Page []

Update: That said, we can't endorse this, so be careful and stuff. We haven't used Buy-Proxy, as we intend you to test the service with money that isn't ours.