The next Star Wars title was announced last week, and honestly, it kinda sucks. We saw plenty of room for improvement, and asked if you could come up with a better title than J.J. Abrams and committee. Help us, Gizmodo readers, you're our only hope.

The clear (or not-so-clear) winner was from BeyondtheTech, who provided the image above with one simply perfect line of commentary: "Thanks to J.J., I couldn't read the title through the lens flares."

Pretty good, right? Here are ten more, tell us what you think.

By McMike

By CIA_Burner_account

By BeyondtheTech

By moetop

The following people did not follow directions and mock up their titles but they made us laugh nevertheless.

STAR WARS: Sorry about the Prequels

By kwahhn

Star Wars Episode $$$: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

By aviv

Star Wars Episode VII: "FORCE equals mass times acceleration"


Star Wars Episode VII: Electric Force Boogaloo

By ChshreCat

Star Wars: Return on Investment

By purplepeopledesign


By SirUno