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We keep getting burned on this, but it's interesting to watch the slow evolution of the phantom "amateur designers" who create these mock-ups. Therefore, please consider this as a form of 'Tenda fan fiction which is in no direct correlation with the formal design studios in Japan but offers an interesting look at a concurrent design studio based in the basement of a midwestern American home. Besides, if hearsay and "making stuff up" is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Notice the tendency of the 'Tenda fan designers to add a very prominent touch screen. This is wrong. Imagine this: your hands are sweaty and Dorito-stained. You're rubbing your controller frantically, trying to hit phantom buttons. Your Mario Kart 2008 character spins off into a bush and bursts into flame. You cry. Your friends call you "Cry pants" at school. You quit school and go work at Denny's. You get married at eighteen and have three kids and are divorced by 23. Do you really think Nintendo would support dropping out of school?