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The retail favorite of amateur bomb-makers and DIY electronics enthusiasts everywhere has just widened its cellphone market share considerably. RadioShack has signed a long ten-year agreement with Cingular, and extended its Sprint agreement for another 11 years. This effectively puts RadioShack in both the CDMA and GSM market, and if the Sprint/Nextel merger goes through, they'll have a hand in the iDEN market too.

RadioShack also announced it will drop Verizon products and services by the end of this year, thus ending their five year relationship. We feel a little sorry for good ol' dependable Verizon, but can you really blame RadioShack for going for the prettier and younger Cingular? Especially when RadioShack gets to play around and have a menage a trois with Sprint and Nextel. Don't feel bad though Verizon, we can still hear you. For now.

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