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I'm going to let you all stare at that picture for a little while. Take about 5 seconds to really let it sink in. I had to look through pages and pages of pits to find that one special image, so be happy.

So there's RFID. And cameras. And armed guards. But what about a security system based on the plume of bodily detritus that trails us like a wraith? In short, they're creating a detector that can smell your pits and tell if you're a terrorist or just a tired business traveller.

In the quest to sort bad guys from good, scientists are poking ever more intimately at the core of each person's identity — right down to the DNA. One day people's distinctive body odor, breath, or saliva could serve as an identifier, based on the subtle composite of chemicals that make up a person's scent or spit.


B.O. = Terror Sensor? [DefenseTech]