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Now there's no way we'll be dancing that jig from the Apple iPod commercials with this plugged in our ears. Mister Jalopy from Hoopty Rides has created this awesome iPod-integrated computer setup using a $15 Farnsworth radio cabinet. It's equipped with...

...a Sansui tuner, a replacement Panasonic turntable, a Griffin AirShark, an 8 port USB hub, a cheap-o LCD panel, a Griffin iMic, a Griffin Powermate, a Logitech wireless keyboard transmitter, a power strip, a Griffin AirClick, a Sony bookshelf speaker, a Mac Mini and enough patch cables to encircle the world 7 times.

It's essentially a mega-machine built to convert vinyl records to digital music files, but as you can see, it also appears to be quite possibly the world's biggest iPod dock. The coolest part seems to be that he managed to transfer the iPod's controls over to the Farnsworth's radio preset buttons! Major kudos to Mister Jalopy for building this awe-inspiring mash-up of old and new. You can read up on how he did it in the next issue of MAKE Magazine.

MegaGiant Wood iPod Eliminates Mugging Threat [Hoopty Rides]