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Our blood brother over at Kotaku made a few pithy, pithy comments on the Gizmondo, which appears to be faltering.

Interestingly, when I started making my calls I began getting odd reactions to my questions. It sounds like the U.S. pr firm for the Gizmondo release, is no longer handling press for the device. And this news comes less than a week before the launch date for the device?

Then I hear that no one, in fact, is handling U.S. press for the launch. Instead all press calls are being handled by a UK person that s worldwide.

I ve always thought that this device was going to go over like an N-Gage at a Nintendo press conference, but I thought it would at least make a showing.

Now it looks like the device will never get out the door, at least not in the U.S.


When will people learn? The barrier to entry in gaming is too high. Sorry, Tapwave/Phantom/Everybody Else Looking to Make a Quick Buck Off the Kids but it is.

PS - Don't bother KotakuBrian about his headline. He knows what he's doing.

Where For Art Thou Gizmondo? [Kotaku]