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This is a deal simply because the seller is quite honest about his feelings towards his phone. A brief excerpt:

* The earpeice is a bit intermittant so you don't know if you've connected or not, very annoying. *Sometimes it blasts your lughole with your million decibel ringtone while your on the phone. OW! *Using the menu to read your texts is like pulling teeth. *The screen is crap. *The keys bounce (when you press a key, sometimes it enters it twice so it knackers up your word).

It is rare to find an eBay seller so delightfully honest in his opinions about the object he is selling. In fact, I'm wondering why anyone would bid at all? Unfortunately the auction is over and apparently someone still wanted this thing. [Thanks, Arabian]

Motorola MPx200 - A really nasty mobile phone! [eBay]