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ABIT is experimenting with a pipe to diffuse the heat from it s A8N motherboard. The advantage is that this is a much quieter solution than those noisy fans, which always interfere with the sound of frag grenades exploding. The pipe leads to a heat sink located on the rear of the motherboard, where the I/O shield and ports are. One of the possible downsides is that the size of the heat sink leaves less room for expansion ports. ABIT has included three standard PCI slots, one 16x PCI Express and two 1x PCI Express slots. The shorter 1x PCI Express slots are in place to compensate for the size of the chipset. Seems like a pretty solid board and especially nice for those cooling junkies out there.

ABIT AN8 Ultra - Passively Cooled Motherboard [TrustedReviews]