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I know after topping the high score of Lumines, all I wanna do is whip out some drums and go crazy turning out beats. Apparently somewhere out there in PSP homebrew-land, someone thinks so too. The PSP homebrew community has come out with not one, but two different drum machines for the PSP: The PSPKick, and the PSP Rhythm Composer complete with a Roland-style drum machine. The PSPKick is a 12-slot sampler with AIFF output, whereas the Rhythm Composer has a Roland TR style interface with a 16 step sequencer, 16 drump pattern loops and 16 drum sounds. You can also store those beats on your Memory Stick to show off your composition to your friends. Rock on.

PSP Rhythm Composer [PSP Rhythm Composer via MatrixSynth via CreateDigitalMusic]
PSPKick [PSPKick via CreateDigitalMusic]