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Ok, so we were a little off. Stuff is always more expensive in Switzerland anyways—5 dollars! Why I oughta!—but we weren't far off. There will be two tiers of XBox 360 pricing:

The $299 version will come with the console, cables and 1 wired controller, but the $399 version will come with the 20GB hard-drive, a wireless controller, headset, ethernet cable and also a wireless remote control.

Seems like the $299 is aiming for the kiddies and the $399 is aiming for the folks who want a Media Entertainment Center for the living room which also happens to play video games. Good on 'em.

XBox 360 Price Leaked - 600 Swiss Francs = $477

Official: Xbox 360 Prices are $299 and $399 [PlanetXBox360]