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Infinium Labs, creators of the Phantom—the absolute coolest thing in the world which can play like all the games from every game maker in the world and can also like be cool and do cool stuff—has a new CEO. I heard that the old CEO was playing the Phantom, like a pre-release version, and he just ate Pop Rocks and he like BLEW UP totally all over the place. No lie. Like the kid from the Life Cereal commercials.

The new CEO, Kevin Bachus, is in charge of all the secret stuff going on at Phantom like adding this cool new feature where you can like touch the TV and you get sucked into the TV and come out anywhere in the world. But don't ask them where the console is yet. I mean what if the Phantom is so cool that we're IN the console right now, like in the Matrix, and we just don't know it yet.

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