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Conflicting reports over the weekend about flash-drive MP3 strategies from Apple and Samsung. First, Tom s Hardware stoked rumors that Apple is switching to flash for its iPod Mini. They quote an analyst from iSuppli who says that Samsung may cut the price of its 4GB flash drive in an attempt to convince Apple to switch. Apple s Shuffle already accounts for some 40 percent of Samsung s NAND output.

On the same day, DigiTimes Taipai correspondent put in a report that Samsung has raised the price of its 4GB flash drives in anticipation of strong MP3 demand through the end of the year. On Thursday, Samsung announced it will release between five and seven new flash-based MP3 players in 2006.


Could the two reports dovetail—Samsung ups the price of NAND drives in the general marketplace to curb Apple s competition? Were there two shooters in Dealey Plaza?

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