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Rumor has it that the Sony and Toshiba-led camps have once again failed to agree on a standard for next generation DVD products. The original end of August deadline has come and gone—and without the promise of joint development from the Blu-ray and HD-DVD camps, we're looking at another massive Betamax vs VHS battle (although let's face it, we all know that porn will REALLY be the deciding factor here).

Both sides have been on a long summer vacation since May, and at summer camp they chose up sides and decided that it's just too late to negotiate a unified format. Gee, thanks for all the hard work guys. The battle ahead won't be good for anyone (especially us). This month Sony partnered up with 20th Century Fox, Lion's Gate and Universal Music to pack a wallop for Blu-ray. Plus, let's not forget the PS3—which will definitely be using a Blu-ray drive. That's going to sting. About the only thing Toshiba can really boast is an HD-DVD product they showed last January at the CES and plan on marketing by end of year. They also cozied up to Bill Gates to jointly develop a PC HD-DVD drive, which they plan on selling in the next few months—but not in the Xbox 360.

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