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Chicago Sun-Times lays out details on the Next Big Electronic Toy, and the Chicago Tribune reports on Japan's newest electronic crime-fighter, Newspapers mourn music synthesizer inventor Robert Moog.

The Chicago Tribune ran an AP wire story about the Roborior, a $2,600 robot guard dog equipped with infrared sensors, a digital camera, and a videophone. If you're a burglar planning a score in Toyko, time's running out: the security gadget is already on sale in some stores. Japanese House-Sitter Robot Hits Stores...


The Chicago Sun Times has lots more (too much?) detail on the wannabe hot toy for Christmas '05, the iZ. In case you don't recall what the iZ is, it's a hyperactive beeping and flashing...creature that can plug into music sources like your iPod and serve as a external speaker. Sounds infinitely annoying, but it's from the same twisted souls who unleashed the Furby on an unsuspecting world so don't count it out. Zizzle officially launches the iZ in Times Square on Sept. 29th. New York City residents: you've been warned. Shiffman back in the toy biz with musically inclined iZ... R.I.P. Dr. Robert Moog, inventor of one of the most influential music gadgets of the 1960s and '70s, the Moog Music Synthesizer Robert Moog, Creator of Music Synthesizer, Dies at 71, Switched On and Ready to Rumble, Robert Moog Dies; Created Electronic Synthesizer