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First, let me throw you a bit of a press quote:

PivotDock, with its patent pending design, is the smallest docking station for the iPod Shuffle, freeing iPod Shuffle owners from the maze of connecting wires and large, bulky plastic docks.

OK, so the Pivotdock is basically a little plastic circle going into your USB drive to dock your shuffle with so you don't have to be caught up in the wiry mess. Oh wait, isn't that what the iPod shuffle itself is? Hmm, last I checked, not too many laptops and USB ports work well with a huge plastic circle shoved into it. The geometry of the drive is a rectangle so by using this circular design, you'll be blocking off additional ports. Did we mention it swivels? This way you can have it swing down against the table you're working at and smash your Shuffle against it. Maybe we're just iPodded out and this will be perfect for that odd angle that the Shuffle just can't fit in under your desk, so if you must have it, it's $15.99 and drops September 9th.

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