Think you like gadgets? You don't hold a candle to Canadian artist William Fisk who's spent the last decade painting impossibly realistic portraits of everything from vintage cameras to aging computer consoles.

In his ongoing "Portraits" project, Fisk focuses on monochromatic objects—with an emphasis on chrome. (A nice way of saying: he likes shiny things.) Fisk also seems fascinated with even the simplest components, from headphones to cable cords. No wonder he's a favorite of companies like Radio Shack and Comcast.


Regardless, you've never seen a microscope look so good. [William Fisk via Fubiz]

Untitled No. 40, 2005 (Collection of the Radio Shack Corporation)

Untitled No. 64, 2011

Untitled No. 51, 2006

Untitled No. 73, 2013

Untitled No. 55, 2006

Untitled No. 59, 2009 (Panel No. 2 from Comcast Boardroom Commission )

Untitled No. 58, 2009 (Panel No. 1 from Comcast Boardroom Commission)

Untitled No. 11, 2000

Untitled No. 41, 2005 (Collection of Radio Shack Corporation)

Untitled No. 46, 2006

Untitled No. 39, 2005 (Collection of Radio Shack Corporation)

Lead image: Untitled No. 28, 2003