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This is an improved version of DDR with a little a better reward/punishment system called Dance Dance Immolation. In normal DDR depending on how good and bad you do affects your score. In this version of DDR, if you are doing well, a machine blasts flames into the air wowing the crowd. Don t let those flames distract you, because if you do badly the same machine shoots you with blasts of fire Unfortunately for the crowd, there are safety precautions: a full aluminized proximity suit with gloves, hood, the whole nine yards. They plan on showcasing this "fun game" at Burning Man 2005.

I've seen some pretty unhandsome geeks doing DDR with their shirts off and I would have paid—I mean like real money—to have given them a little liquid fire encouragement. No burning, mind you, just something to make them rethink their choices.

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