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This iPod has more armor than most of our troops in Iraq. Since the page is in Japanese—and appears to have been published back in 2004—I have no idea whether it saw the front lines or was simply a one-off casemod for a tin-can robot. All I want to know is, where can I get an armband to go jogging with this thing?

Update: Here's the real story. This guy's 2-day old iPod got crushed during a commuter train ride. The face plate cracked and the stainless steel back was even dented. Rush hour train rides in Japan create murderous pressure on an iPod because you get shoved and packed into the cabins. That gave him the idea to build this armored aluminum case to protect it. He even gives the specs to replicate the design here:…

[Thanks Phil and Didier!]

Armor plate for iPod Photo [Project Page]