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It's screen-less, it plays MP3s (along with WMA, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, and files with Microsoft's DRM), it's tiny (weighs about 30 grams), and it has a Shuffle mode โ€” yes, the Qoolqee X3 is yet another iPod Shuffle contender. It tops the Shuffle with a couple more features: it has an FM tuner, and it's water and shock resistant. Plus it does look kinda cute, with the tactile buttons and primary colors. I still don't think it beats the Shuffle in style, but for folks who want an iPod alternative, this is definitely an option.

Prices are 59.99 for 256Mb, 79.99 for 512Mb, and 99.99 for 1Gb. Not sure if this will be making its way stateside.

Product Page [BlahDVD via UberGizmo]