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You guys remember the Lava Lamp right? It was the rage of college dorm rooms and teenage make-out sessions everywhere. Well, Mathmos were the guys that invented it way back when in 1963, and now, they've got a brand new Lava Lamp of sorts. Only this time, the light will be on the wall.

The Mathmos Space Projector works like this: You slide an oil wheel in a color of your choice into the projector, turn the 20W spot lamp on, focus the image on to the wall, and there you will see a swirling swishing of colored blobs much like the Lava Lamps of yore. It's sure to be a hit at your next '60s revival party.


The projectors come in translucent, silver, or graphite, and the oil wheels come in violet/red, violet/green, and blue/red combinations. It's UK-only at the moment, and is selling for 68 (roughly 123 USD).

Mathmos [Mathmos via Retro Thing]

UPDATE - Ok. We get it. You can buy it at ThinkGeek. It's in the US. Please stop making us cry.