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This dual-headed toothbrush supposedly eliminates human error and also cuts down on brushing time (highly efficient, someone alert 43 Folders!). There are two versions: the HydraBrush Express and the HydraBrush Ultra.

With revolutionary 8 micro brushes that surround your teeth and gums, you will experience a technology that takes the guesswork out of brushing. You can get the job done in 60 seconds or less with CONFIDENCE that you have done a PERFECT job, everytime with HydraBrush Express.

So, in all reality you can pay $109 for the Express that all but irradiates your teeth in less than a minute. Sounds like a deal to me! But wait, for $50 more you can pick up the Ultra, which looks as though it could be turned upside down and used as a handheld milkshake blender.

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