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I've bene hearing about the iSkin for a couple days now. Here's what I don't get: iSkin makes much to-do about its two layers of silicone that "combine to create the ultimate barrier against dust, dirt and even moisture." They go on to boast that the idea is being patented, and even show a model in a bikini wearing one of these around her neck. But nowhere does it say this thing is water proof, or even water-resistant. It is, I believe, moisture resistant (phew, now I can take my Shuffle outside on a muggy August day). In other words, there is absolutely nothing about the .5mm inner layer and 1.5mm outer layer of silicone that protects an iPod Shuffle more than, say, the Sport Case. Or, for that matter, the Armor. Although the controls are covered, which is nice. And for $19.99 it's swell looking and comes in colors with st00pid names like ADRENALINE (blue and green), VIGOR (red), Oxygen (clear) and IMPULSE (gray and clear).

iSkin Shuffle Duo [Product Page]