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OhGizmo has an exclusive interview with Chad Dyner, the creator of the Heliodisplay, a tactile holographic projector/monitor similar to the one R2D2 made famous. Some new details emerge about the product, like that there will be a small version for $18K and a larger 42-inch one for $28K. So far it's been purchased by corporate customers and two students (sweet way to blow the college loan, eh?). But as usual some of the most tantalizing details remain behind the curtain.

Let me backup. You first have to understand that we re developing some core technology, most of which is not available to the public. A good portion of it is actually classified. It has applications for the military and a lot of other enterprises. So what we re releasing right now, again, is a first generation display, which is only a commercially available product, aimed at a certain market. We see it for instance as a wonderful trade show advertising tool.

OhGizmo Exclusive: Interview With The Heliodisplay Inventor [OhGizmo]