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Apparently Sony has been outsourcing their R&D team from somewhere in the Caribbean lately which is how they came up with the name "R" for their new line of computers. Unfortunately lead designer Jack Sparrow could not be reached for comment due to what his rep calls "swashbuckling and pillaging." What Sony is telling us however, is that basically the R line will destroy anything else. Being a Type-R computer, expect lots of ricer kids to be going to CompUSA to get fake Type-R stickers for their PCs. Don't be fooled though. The real Type-R has everything you could want. The fact that you can burn SACDs with it alone is pretty cool if you ask me. Aside from that, it's available with a Pentium D 820 (2.8Ghz) CPU, 1Gb of RAM, a 256Mb GeForce 6600, a DL/RAM DVD-multi-burner, a TV tuner and 320Gb of HDD space. Wow. Expect it to retail for 1500 Euros ($1844 USD).

Sony Vaio R, the audio/video monster [Akihabara News]