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The hardware gurus over at GameSpot gave the new Razer Copperhead a full review. As a quick refresher, this mouse features 2000dpi and 1000 MHz USB response rate, both of which were unheard of in mice until now. This mouse also features built in memory to store all of your personal settings. The shape of the Copperhead allows for all type of mouse-grippers: lefties, righties, people who grope the mouse with their entire hand and also people who barely touch the top.

The included drivers allow full customization including setting specific dpi, refresh rate, custom axis sensitivity, cursor speeds, acceleration speeds and it is all stored in the 32KB of onboard memory. A small onboard button allows cycling between profiles on the fly. Tests were ran in Counter-Strike and Serious Sam 2, they both excelled in precision and responsiveness. The unfortunate problem is that this mouse will set you back about $80, almost two times as much as Logitech's MX1000 high-end mouse. With Microsoft's new gaming mouse on the horizon and the foray of Logitech gaming mice, this Razer Copperhead may have a tough time getting sales.

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